What are Diplomatic Relations? Any active GVG guild is likely to develop relations in one form or another with other guilds on the maps, be them good or bad. Your founders/leaders often work very hard to form good relationships, therefore Diplomatic Relations become something of great importance for the entire team to be aware of. Here are some common relationships with other guilds and their meaning…

Alliance – a guild, or group of guilds who your team is allied with. An alliance guild is an extension of your own team. Someone you work closely with on the maps and often off them as well. A team you trust to have your back (and you theirs) during battle and who help each other advance in any area of the game there is need/capability. You NEVER attack an ally on the maps unless it is pre-arranged by both teams to mutual benefit. It is a general rule in most GVG active guilds that you do not plunder allies in your neighbourhood. Attacking for points is okay, but why would you want to weaken your friends by taking their stuff? 🙂

NAP – this is a Non-Aggression Pact agreed upon between guilds. Sometimes it extends GVG wide, sometimes only on a certain map. This means you have agreed not to attack each other based on those terms.

PVP Inclusive – this is a term used for non-allied guilds who your team has an arrangement with (usually as part of a NAP) not to plunder. Attacking for points is fine.

Enemy – a guild that has been clearly defined as an enemy of your team on the maps aka fish food

Hostile – a guild that is known to be hostile toward you or an allied team, but hasn’t crossed the line into full enemy territory yet