There are a lot of different ways to handle having a guild work together to help get new Great Buildings out of the mud, taking them from sticks to bricks. The most common way to see this done is one thread where you share your newly planted GB for others to donate to, and usually the donations stop after it makes it from Level 0 (sticks) to Level 1 (bricks).

A different approach to this, one that really helps if a guild has a requirement to donate to new GBs, is for each member to make a thread for their new GB to alert the guild that their FP donation is required. The main reasons for this is that it’s easier to track who isn’t supporting their guild mates by giving at least 1 FP to new GBs, and it means that instead of just making it to Level 1, the GB owner might make it to Level 2, possibly even 3 if it’s a low enough age of a GB with enough generous mates. It also ensures that a GB won’t get lost in the string of congratulations sure to also happen in a solitary sticks to bricks thread.

To make this work though, the first step is that everyone in the guild needs the Notifier ability. This allows all members to send out a message to the whole guild with a simple click. Once that’s established, a member follows the following steps:

  1. Plant a GB in the mud.
  2. Send a message to the whole guild to let them know. Title it with something flashy. Put some ★☺☻♥♦♣♠☼►◄♪ (psst, you can copy-paste those) and similar in the title to really make it stand out. Make sure to also put words like STB Alcatraz Player1 so your mates know what’s in there.
  3. Using the paperclip, attach your new GB to the message.
  4. Send the message. Then, open it back up and in the top-left there should be a box with three lines. Click it and select “Adjust Group”. You’ll see all your guild mates. Scroll through and make sure to click the little starburst to make any guild leaders/founders as management on the thread, in case they need to do something. Save the changes.

Now that you’ve done this, it’s up to your mates to help you out!

Your guild mates are then responsible for coming in, congratulating you if they’re the chatty type, and then donating at least 1 FP (more if your guild requires it) to your GB. This is regardless of if it’s in sticks still, or already made it to bricks. Once they have added their FPs to your shiny new GB, they then leave the thread. Now they will not have it constantly notifying them that you’re getting congratulations, but it also tells your leadership that they’ve donated. Makes it easier to track.

Of course, this is on the honor system. Some mates may try to leave the thread without donating, but getting caught doing that would not make for good relations with the guild management. After all, the entire purpose of this is to help each other out in an efficient, trackable manner. And, if other mates notice it, when that member puts a GB up, they’re much less likely to get support… because reciprocity is very much a thing.

Again, there are many ways to handle sticks to bricks, but this system seems to be very effective. Happy GB mud parties!