Once you finally have lasting GBs in your city (as in, ones you plan on keeping forever), you’re going to want to get them leveled as high as possible, as quickly as possible. When you’re just starting out in your city, level 10 is going to be plenty high enough for pretty much any GB you can build… at least for a while. Eventually though you’re going to want to get beyond level 10, which is going to require some dedication in order to earn the BPs and keep the FPs coming in.

Thankfully, when you place in the top five reward slots on a GB, you’re going to get some goodies back. Maintaining placement in these spots though is going to require some work, and there are a few different ways to make it happen. Each method has its own pros and cons, and you can use more than one method at a time. The important thing is to choose a method that works for you, based off your own time and FP availability.

Dedicated Donations

If you are still working to get some decent GBs, maybe you only have one right now and have a couple you’re hunting BPs for, then just focusing your FPs on the GB you need BPs for is one way to hunt rewards. With this method you are not requesting any FPs in return, you’re simply picking out GBs to donate to and dropping enough on to lock your spot (no one can pass you) for rewards, before moving on to another.

Pros: You’re likely to get a reward spot
Cons: You’re not getting anything done with your own GBs

FP Swaps

Chances are, whatever guild you’re in has FP Swap threads where your guild can help each other leveling GBs. Definitely, they’re an easy option for when you’re not looking for anything too specific, and when you’re not really concerned about where you’ll place in the rewards. Swaps only definitely makes it harder, if not impossible, to place in a reward spot for a GB though. It depends entirely on the level of the GB and quantity of the FPs for the swap. A low level GB and a 50FP swap could mean you’re already 1/3rd of the way there when you drop your FPs in, thus getting you a spot. That won’t be the case with a higher level GB though. Alternatively, this is a great way to finish off a GB that you have a dedicated swap going for, where you need to fill in some remaining spots and get it leveled.

Pros: Helps guild mates level GBs, Good for finishing off GBs you’re working on, Easy for when you need to be lazy and dump FPs somewhere
Cons: Hard to place in specific buildings reward spots, if you manage to place in a reward spot at all

Dedicated Swaps

A dedicated swap can be formed in a couple of ways. The simplest being that you and one other person decide to do a swap together. You donate to the GB that they have which you want prints for, and they do the same with one of yours. It’s an equal number of FPs each day, and often you track it with messages back and forth. This idea can be expanded to include more people, but often you’re now all working on the same GB and doing much like the swap described in the Arc power leveling prepwork. You can also do a GB leveling group, where you and 2-5 others pick a GB to work on and a set FP/day donation amount, and donate to each others’ GB in turn to level them while earning rewards. There are many ways to do this, but the main idea is that it’s a small, focused group which means you definitely get rewards.

Pros: Guaranteed reward spots, GBs of choice
Cons: Can be a lot slower to level your own GB, easy to fall behind if you miss a few days in a row


Self leveling is when you donate to your own GB to level it. You cannot earn rewards on your own GB, so this means you will get no return. However, this can be necessary to make it so a power arc could safely lock a spot on your GB (many guilds have leveling programs that require this), or it can be helpful for a younger mate seeking prints to be able to lock a spot for less FPs (of which they may not make as many yet). Some choose to self level simply because they don’t have the time to dedicate to a swap, so they’ll just work on their own GBs so at least they get the boosts as the GB gets leveled up. You’ll also be loved by Power Arc holders in your hood, too, because they can get some juicy profits off your GBs.

Pros: GB gets leveled, Makes it easier for young mates to get rewards, Requires 0 dedication to anything, Costs you less in the long-run
Cons: You get no rewards back

There is no one right method. Choose the method(s) that work best for you, and go for it. This can change over time, too, as you age up and the levels of you GBs advance. What worked in the beginning may not work in the future, after all. Don’t be afraid to be flexible about this, and try new things as you need to.