With the inclusion of Guild Expedition into the mix of things a guild can do together in FoE, it has made for a second path with which a team of guildmates can grow their guild with guild power (GP).

GP is important because it’s what allows your guild to level up. The higher the level of the guild, the better the perks. The guild level is why you might have FPs in your town hall, reduced building costs and times, reduced recruitment costs and times, and more. The goal isn’t always to be a top guild, or a powerful guild; though those would be nice bonuses. The true aim is a guild that is extremely beneficial to its members, and getting it to level up is a great way to do that.

When it comes to earning GP, GE will forever be outclassed by GvG. In a study from a single guild where GE is the focus and GvG is secondary; on average 30,883 GP was earned through GE in a week, while 72,603 GP was earned through GvG (average is from 11 weeks of data). That’s over twice the amount of GP earned in GvG than GE, even with a typical GE completion rate of 70-80% per week, and not a lot of regular GvG action. There’s simply no comparing the lucrative nature of the GP you can earn from GvG.

Doing GE and GvG in combination is the best bet, since it gives the most potential for GP earnings. When it comes to a focus as a team though, having even a small bit of dedication to GvG goes a long way.

If you are a player that is mobile, that means you have basically no access to GvG because Inno refuses to release an update to make it accessible that way. The only way to access it on a phone or tablet is with the Puffin browser app, and it is clunky and really only good for minimal stuff. Regardless, there are things that each of us can do, even when it comes to supporting GvG efforts.

GvG needs three things in order for it to go smoothly, and trying to do all three is very difficult for one person; and is certainly not recommended because it means you’re mediocre at all and strong at none. However, with help from all members to spread the load out (and some of it also helps GE), you end up being able to do so much more as a team.

First and foremost, there’s fighting. In order to earn GP in GvG, you have to hold land. In order to get land, you have to fight for it (and sometimes defend it). This is obviously not for everyone, and that’s okay. There is usually a core group who enjoy the fighting on the maps, and they always need support to be able to continue doing so. As a secondary to fighting, map-checks are also helpful. This involves just looking at all the eras your guild (or alliance) holds land in, to make sure no one is under siege (where your guild or alliance might lose hard-earned sectors).

To support defense on the maps, we have to place (and sometimes replace if they get injured) defending armies (DAs). If you’re someone who negotiates GE all the time and has spare troops around that you will never ever use, this is a great use for them. They’ll be gone forever, but it helps to make your guild strong against other guilds who might like to take the land for themselves. As clunky as Puffin is, you can take your time laying DAs so it can be navigated if you’re a mobile player that would like to help in this manner. If you want to farm DAs, well, then you’re going to want Traz and you’ll need space to lay racks. In the mean time though, it’s good to know that attached units can be retrained, so don’t be afraid to toss those in for a DA, you can get them back.

In order to take land and unlock DAs, your guild will have to spend goods. Depending on the era of the map they’re working on changes what goods they need. This is particularly important, because your guild also has to pay goods to unlock tiers in GE. Regardless of how far you go in GE, a guild has to pay for you when they unlock each tier. To this end, many players choose to build treasury buildings, and that helps so much! GvG does inevitably cost more goods though, and so it’s a delicate balance to not run out of goods due to either GE or GvG. To this end, donations to the treasury just from your own goods goes a long way. This is why goods farmers are just as valuable as fighters and troop farmers.

Each part is equally important to GvG. You have to have all three parts functioning to make it work, but the benefit in the amount of GP your guild can earn is well worth it. Thinking about how you best fit into both puzzles and the building to best suit that fit is recommended. If you want to fight, aim for fighting GBs. If you want to farm, go for the GBs that assist with that. If you want to do both, what can you mesh and what can’t you? Where do you want to lean the strongest? For those who are mobile, trying to always complete GE to the furthest of your abilities does help with the GP, and adding in some support for GvG fighters is a perfect melding.

In the end, all GP benefits the guild. The goal is to efficiently work as a team to produce as much GP as possible, to share the benefits of that gain as the guild levels up. It also fosters teamwork and community, as added bonuses.