This set of steps are intended to suggest techniques which are useful during GE negotiations. Other than a few early levels on tiers 1-3, there is no guarantee that any individual negotiation attempt will be successful, even with the tavern boost for extra turn. However, these techniques will increase the likelihood of success and reduce or eliminate the need for diamond expenditure.

Attempt 1

Step 1 – First thing I did is pick the tavern boost for extra turn. Normally, you only need the 15 minutes one because you’ll run out of attempts before the 15 minutes are up. At start, you have 5 spots to fill and can select from 9 items. On the 1st turn, select 5 different items, including coins and supplies. I usually pick the ones I have most of but that’s because I’m always low on some items. I’ll assume you don’t need to worry about that. So after putting coins and supplies, you have 3 spots to fill. Just pick any age goods but make sure you have a different good for each selection.


Step 2 – Now look at the results, 4 of them are yellow so we know 4 of the 5 goods. Instead of worrying about where those 4 go, focus on figuring which is the 5th good.


Step 3 – So on the 2nd turn, I’ll place the 4 goods I haven’t placed as yet. For the 5th selection, I’ll place one of the yellow items.



Step 4 – Here are the results. The first 4 items were all red so we got unlucky (it happens sometimes). So that means the 4 items from the 1st turn are the only ones involved. So now we will focus on getting the positions correct.



Step 5 – I’ll just shift goods to the right as an easy way to get them in a different spot. Since there are 5 spots to fill and only 4 goods, you know that at least one good will be repeated. Pick one at random. I’ll usually pick coins or supplies.



Step 6 – Here are the results. So now we use what we learned and see where that gets us.



Step 7 – Since coins are still yellow, we need to figure out where they go. That’s obviously in spot 1 because we’ve tried it in every other spot. So fill that in. In spot 5, we’ve tried everything except supplies, so fill that in. Unfortunately because we got unlucky after step 1, we don’t have certainty at this stage so we have to make some guesses. We know that ropes need to go in spot 2 or 3. Since we’ve already used 2 goods in spot 2, there’s a 1 in 2 chance that ropes are the correct choice. In spot 3, we’ve used only 1 good so there’s a 1 in 3 chance that ropes are the correct choice. Since there’s better odds in spot 2, we put ropes there. We use the same argument for the herbs in spots 3 and 4. Better odds in spot 4, so we put herbs there. Now we have to figure out spot 3. At this point, it’s a blind guess. I’ll pick supplies because since I don’t have certainty, I might as well minimize my potential losses. I’d rather risk coins and supplies than goods.



Step 8 – Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. If we wanted to spend diamonds, we’d just need to swap positions 3 and 4. I’ll cancel so I can try again and we’ll maybe get a bit luckier. In any event, I’m trying to show you techniques so we’ll get another chance to exercise them.


Attempt 2

Ok, my 2nd attempt worked out better.

Step 1 – Starting point, 9 items to fill 5 spots



Step 2 – I picked 5 different items and the results tell me 2 of the 5 items.



Step 3 – Next, I try the other 4 items I haven’t tried as yet. Since I need to fill spot 5, I’ll pick one of the 2 yellow ones so we help narrow the position.



Step 4 – Only 1 hit so we know that all 5 spots will be filled with those 3 goods.



Step 5 – I know spot 5 is bricks so fill that one. For spots 3 and 4, pick any of the other 2 goods but try to use different goods so that in the next step, we can use the feedback on whether one of them is red. I filled in spots 1 and 2 with ropes because I didn’t use it in spots 3-5.



Step 6 – It’s easy now because there are only 2 possibilities. Spots 2 and 4 must be herbs because we already tried ropes. Spot 3 must be ropes because we already tried herbs. Fill those in and rejoice. If we didn’t get quite so lucky, we could have used the info that ropes will go in spot 3 because we’ve already tried them in spots 2 and 4.