In the earlier days of FOE, when GE was brand new and negotiations didn’t even exist, it was a little easier to earn FP packs. This is because GE FP winnings were given in packs, and you tended to win them a bit more often. Then Inno changed that, and there was unrest that they were also taking packs away from GB rewards. Thankfully, the latter didn’t happen. As it stands today there are only a few ways to get FP packs, and only one way to do it actively.

First and foremost though, what are FP packs? A FP pack is a set of FPs that doesn’t go to your bar, but instead goes to your inventory. Since it’s in inventory, it means you can access it any time you want, but it won’t stop you from collecting any more. Your FP bar will allow you to have up to 100 in it at a time, and once you’re at 100 you cannot collect anymore; unless of course you do so while under 100 (ie: you have 90 in your bar and a GB that you’re about to collect has a 15 FP collection, you will be able to hit 105 in your bar), or you get them from somewhere else like GE where it’s out of your control.

The packs come in three amounts, 2, 5, or 10 FPs (respectively):

2 FP Pack  5 FP Pack  10 FP Pack

There is no limit to how many packs you can have stored in inventory, and as such it is possible for a player to have thousands of FPs at the ready to use at their bidding. This is part of why it can be very difficult to secure a higher reward spot on a higher-level GB with just dailies. Those are coveted spots, and many players have saved for the occasion.

So… how do you earn them? There are both active ways, and passive ways. Passively, you can earn them from quests and from events. Quests will give you actual packs on occasion (and if you have recurring quests, this is definitely likely a small percentage of the time). Events sometimes award prizes that include a set number of FPs. Until you open the prize, it’s basically a pack of FPs. The difference though, is you can’t spend the prize from inventory, you do have to open it and send it to your bar (thanks to the buttons on the GB for donating, you never have to send packs to the bar). Actively, you need GB reward spots and to convert your dailies. Lets talk about those in more detail, since they’re a bit trickier.

GB Reward Spots

The reward spots on a GB are marked by little treasure chests. Most of the time there are five reward spots, and each spot gives a different reward. You can check the reward by either hovering over the treasure chest (PC) or clicking on it (mobile). If you have an Arc, there will be an extra bit off to the side that shows how much extra you get based on your Arc’s level, and adding them together gives you the total you’ll receive. Any FP rewards you get from a GB will go directly into your inventory as FP packs. It will be done as efficiently as possible, so for example if the reward is 19 FPs, you will receive one 10 FP pack, one 5 FP pack, and two 2 FP packs. This adds up to 19 total FPs returned to you for the reward.

You can place on a GB in a couple different ways. The first way many encounter, and try, are with the general swaps in a guild. These are guild-wide swaps where you put FPs on the GB ahead of yours, and in turn get FPs on your GB. There is no guarantee of reward placement in these swaps, so it’s very much a lottery. The real reward here is that you absolutely will get FPs on your GB. That’s why most prefer to do a direct swap, which is discussed a bit here if you’re interested. A direct swap with someone means you’ll pay more than the spot gives back, but since it’s with dailies it’s all profit. Alternatively, you can make a big swap group to cover all spots and everyone works together. It’s basically a direct swap, but with more partners.

If you’re savvy, you can snipe GBs. It’s not advised to do this in-guild, as you are going to cost the GB owner FPs (and there are some guilds with a policy about profiting in-guild). Many are under the impression that you have to have a Power Arc in order to snipe, but you really don’t. Sniping is the act of profiting off of a GB, and anyone can profit if they find the right spot. All you have to do is take a GB reward spot for less than you’re going to get in return. There are a lot of self-levelers out there, and if you’re diligent you might find someone with a 20 FP reward spot that you can take for 15 FP that you got from your daily collection (for example). If you are sniping, and can profit, there’s also no harm in using your FP packs to do it. It reduces your profit margin, but in the end you’re still gaining. Just make sure you lock your spot so you don’t lose out. Locking your spot means no one can add more FPs than you. Even if they can add the exact same amount, that’s fine. If you put 11 FPs into a GB, and there are 11 left and no one else on there, even if someone adds all 11 FPs and levels the GB they cannot kick you out of your spot because you were there first. This is truly a first come, first serve, lock-it-or-lose-it kind of situation.

Converting Dailies to Packs

Anything that you would earn in your bar is considered a daily FP. You will always get one an hour so long as you have less than 10 in your bar (the timer stops once you hit 10+ and will resume where it left off once you get to 9 or less); plus anything you earn from your town hall (if guild level permits), special buildings, and GBs when you collect. While it’s open and you’re able, you’ll also potentially get FPs from GE.

To convert these to packs, you must use them to secure a reward on a GB (see above). Dailies have to be spent somewhere, since once you hit 100 FPs (or thereabout, again, see the beginning of this article), you’re maxed out and cannot earn anymore into your bar. With this in mind, even if you take a GB at-cost (so paying 20 FPs for a 20 FP reward spot), it’s still a great deal because you’re banking those dailies into packs. While sniping can be a very lucrative, profitable endeavor; you’re honestly far more likely to earn more packs by converting dailies to packs than you are otherwise. This is because the average FP gain on a snipe is around 20-50 FPs, and that’s after the GB levels (which can take a while); whereas if you make 100 FPs a day and convert them all to packs by placing on a GB, you’re going to earn more in the end. Now, if you can snipe with your dailies, that’s golden. Not only are you converting dailies to packs, but you’re also profiting. That is your golden egg for sure. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s awesome.

This is all definitely easier to do with Arc, but it can be done regardless. All it takes it diligence on locking your spots and not spending as many FP packs as you’re earning. It will be slow-going in the earlier eras when you don’t earn as many FPs, but as your daily income picks up, so will the number of packs you can, and likely will, earn.

So why should you try to earn packs? They’re handy! If you need to get something important unlocked in your tech tree fast (and you have the goods to get there), you can race forward if you have enough packs. If you really need a certain BP and you have a shot at a reward spot on a GB that could give them to you, but not enough in your bar alone to do it, FP packs can make up the difference. If you’re stuck on an event quest that needs you to spend a certain amount of FPs, and waiting is not a good option, you can use packs to help you out. Should you be trying to set your GB up for a lock, packs might be your best friend. It’s basically like having a savings account at a bank, or a piggy bank as a child. You just keep putting stuff in, and then when you have need of it, it’s there.

It may seem daunting at first to start earning FP packs, but once you do it will become second nature and before you know it you’ll have your first 100 in packs, then 500, and finally 1,000 or more (eventually tens of thousands if you stick with it). Just don’t give up, and you’ll get there. Happy earning. 🙂