When you first hear the term “questing”, you might think that it refers to the Story Quest (and the never ending Princess Myciena), or the Daily Quest, or even the Side Quests. It’s actually none of these things though. Questing refers to the Recurring Quests, which you can do over and over for as many times as you’re able to complete them to win goodies.

The prize for a Recurring Quest is always going to be random. So you never know for sure what you’re going to get, but free stuff is never a bad thing. Unless they’re useless BPs that you’ll never, ever use, but it’s worth the risk. Questing reaps plenty of benefits for the efforts it takes to do, and will help make your city more self-sufficient.

You’ll often have seven or eight different recurring quests that you can try for, all abortable. So that means you can cycle through until you get to one you can complete. A couple of them require the production of specific items (usually the longer production cycles), one is typically for spending FPs, there’s the Unbirthday quest which asks you to spend coins and supplies, and then you typically have quests that ask you to gather so many coins or so many supplies. Typically. As you advance through the eras, these change up, and different ones may be added, and some may disappear. But you can count on there always being recurring quests to work with.

The prizes for the quests are, as stated, random. The wiki goes into the actual probabilities of what you can win and how often, but here’s a quick breakdown, with your approximate probability of getting each prize. Note that this is per recurring quest per era.

  • Random Blueprint (7%)
  • Forge Point Pack(s) (7%)
  • Goods (35%)
  • Medals (7%)
  • Small Coin Package (14%)
  • Large Coin Package (7%)
  • Small Supply Package (14%)
  • Large Supply Package (7%)
  • Diamonds (only once per quest, per era) (2%)

Ideally, you want to try and complete as many of the recurring quests until you get diamonds off them as is feasible. It’s not recommended to plant a bunch of things that are space hogs and bog down your city just to do the productions for recurring quests, but it might work for you. It depends on your style of play.

Questing ends up being a great way to supplement your goods because they do have a higher chance of popping up (though, since there are five different goods per era, you have a 7% chance of getting each good), and goods are definitely a powerful tool in the game. As you get into higher and higher eras, where buildings and tech tree get more and more expensive, not only will you need goods, but those coins and supplies will come in handy too.

The one controversial recurring quest is the Unbirthday quest. This is because it costs you a lot of coins and supplies to get the reward, and it’s debatable on the payout being worth it. It is ultimately something you have to decide for yourself. Are you a coin and supply producing powerhouse? Do you need to ration them? Where are you currently in the tech tree, and what are your requirements for it? At the very least though, if you can swing the Unbirthday quest each era until you get your diamonds, you should.

While questing can be done at any time, there are definitely two Great Buildings that change the name of the game: The Arc and Château Frontenac.

The Arc is a GB that multiplies the rewards you’re going to get back from other GBs where you place in the top five. While it doesn’t seem like it would affect questing, it does. Arc operates like a well-oiled machine once you have it leveled up, because you can spend more FPs all at once, and reap the benefits from sniping. As you’re doing this, you can repeat the “Spend XX FPs” quest over and over again, thus questing as you spend those FPs. You just want to be careful that you don’t get sniped out of your spot in the process and lose a lot of FPs, so this should only be done when you feel it is safe to do so.

Château Frontenac is the true powerhouse for questing. This GB was built specifically with this purpose in mind most likely, as it multiplies most rewards you get from completing a quest. Specifically, it will give you a percentage bonus to: Coins, Supplies, Goods, Medals, and Diamonds. Even at level five, this GB is going to make an impact. It makes a great partner to The Arc in this case, and together they can be a real dynamic duo. Once you’re able to get to recurring quests (this is a bit more difficult in the earlier eras where side quests are often very beneficial and plentiful), it’s worth considering getting this GB; even ahead-of-age (likely around LMA). If not though, you’ll find it comes quite easily once you reach Progressive Era, where it lives.

Overall, if you’re not questing as often as your can, you’re missing out on a lot of extra goodies. The diamonds in particular are a wonderful treat, but all the goods are nothing to sneeze at, either. It can take extra time to do, but the benefits are worth it in the end.