Eventually, you’re going to run into the user-accepted acronyms of the game. When you do, some of them may seem obvious, and others may not. To help with that, the following is a list of the common acronyms you will see, and what they mean.

BA – Bronze Age
IA – Iron Age
EMA – Early Middle Ages
HMA – High Middle Ages
LMA – Late Middle Ages
CA – Colonial Age
Indy – Industrial Age
PE – Progressive Era
ME – Modern Era
PME – Post Modern Era
CE – Contemporary Era
TE – Tomorrow Era
FE – The Future
AF – Arctic Future
OF – Oceanic Future

Guild Items
GvG – Guild vs Guild
GE – Guild Expedition
GP – Guild Power
DA – Defense Army

Racks – Barracks
RH – Rogue Hideout
HoF – Hall of Fame
TF – Terrace Farm
WW- Wishing Well
FoY – Fountain of Youth
Gate/GSG – Gate of the Sun God
Face/FoA – Face of the Ancient
SSW – Sacred Sky Watch
SoK – Shrine of Knowledge
SoI – Shrine of Inspiration
SoA – Shrine of Awe
MP – Maharaja’s Palace
CR – Champion’s Retreat