It’s a common thought that the two best ways to raise a guild’s level are to do Guild Expedition or Guild vs Guild; either one or the other, or both in some manner. There is nothing wrong in this thinking, and these are what make the game something to interact with daily (among other things). They’re not the only two things however that can raise up a guild’s level.

Many forget about the Hall of Fame, and the power that it can command. This is a 3×3 building that generates a certain amount of guild power daily, regardless of if it’s motivated or not. You just need to collect them once a day, and boom, your guild gets a little nudge toward its next level.

To some, it may seem like this is a waste of space. After all, does it really compare to GE or GvG? The answer is yes! It’s not a big impact if only one or two people have a few HOF’s between them, but as soon as you get a host of guild members who have HOFs, and if they’re also motivated daily? Well, that changes things a lot.

Before we review how much it can change things, a quick word on the HOF itself.

This building is a specialty building, and you won’t be able to get it easily. Originally, it was only available during events, and it wasn’t a guaranteed prize. It still isn’t promised usually, but the events are getting more frequent so the opportunity is available more often. More than events though, you now also have a chance to win one from the Daily Quests, if it comes up and if you’re lucky with the probability. So, while they’re not easy to obtain, the opportunities do come around regularly.

Unlike many buildings, they’re not affected by the overall happiness of your city, nor any GBs and boosts. They’re a stand-alone item, and they’re there for only one thing: giving the guild GP to grow with. When motivated they cannot be plundered; but watch out if they aren’t, because someone might rob that GP for their own guild otherwise.

If you are not presently in a guild, you will be unable to collect your HOF. Therefore, if for some reason you’re soloing it, you might as well pick that puppy up and store it for a while in your inventory. No sense using the space when you can’t collect it after all.

Also, as you age up the HOF will not. So if you want more GP out of it, you’ll have to use a renovation kit or a one up kit on it to move it to your era. This can get costly, so weigh the importance of every item you’re considering bringing up to your current era before using those reno kits and one-ups; they can be very hard to get!

So that’s the HOF in a nutshell. It’s sole purpose is to support your guild, so it’s a selfless building to put in, and even just one can make a big difference! At the bottom of this there is a chart that you can reference how much GP is being brought in by a HOF daily. Using that as a guideline, let’s look at the impact that it could have if every member of a guild had one.

For a more true-to-life ratio, I’m going to use data from my present guild to do this. Not everyone actually has just one HOF, but for the sake of this example, we’re going to say that they do. And only one each, since in reality you can have more than one, too.

So here’s what it looks like with our current spread of members right now. We have a total of 61 mates spread across almost all eras, but concentrated around LMA to ME, presently. This is likely average for a guild of this many members, that is established (our guild has been around a while). As you can see from this chart, if we could have one HOF in every member’s city, even unmotivated, we could get 5,061 GP daily, which is 35,427 GP a week! That’s as good as GE when you have a strong turnout and take first (we average 30,243 GP from GE weekly). Motivated, those bring in 10,122 GP a day, or 70,854 weekly! That’s around the average for what shows in Daily Calculation when doing GvG avidly and holding small chunks of land outside of AA (we average 81,697 GP here weekly). So in essence, it’d be like doubling what is being brought in! That will go a long way to getting a well-leveled guild.

in Era
Bronze Age000
Iron Age000
Early Middle Ages000
High Middle Ages12244
Late Middle Ages12324648
Colonial Age7245490
Industrial Era9405810
Progressive Era6420840
Modern Era76301260
Post Modern Era55501100
Contemporary Era56751350
The Future47401480
Arctic Future1210420
Oceanic Future000
Virtual Future25201040
Total Earned:506110122

Why is it good to level up your guild? As a guild levels up, you get the following bonuses in your own city: FPs in your Town Hall, reduced recruitment time of troops (and works on Alcatraz, too), reduced time for troops to heal, reduced building construction costs; and you get the following bonuses to your guild efforts: prestige bonus (helps move your guild up the rankings), guild support pool (used in GvG for sector defense). These are all very good things! Mainly for you, the player, but for a GvG guild it’s also important to get that support pool or your sectors are easy pickings.

So try for a HOF. Even just one goes a long way, motivated or unmotivated.

Here’s the reference chart for each era and what the HOF will give for GP daily. This will be a handy guide to know when the best time to use those reno kits and/or one-ups is, if you’re running short on them.

Bronze Age48
Iron Age612
Early Middle Ages1020
High Middle Ages2244
Late Middle Ages2754
Colonial Age3570
Industrial Era4590
Progressive Era70140
Modern Era90180
Post Modern Era110220
Contemporary Era135270
The Future185370
Arctic Future210420
Oceanic Future235470
Virtual Future260520
Space Age: Mars285570