Forge of Empires is, at its core, a resource management and worker placement game. You have to make sure you have enough troops for fighting, goods for trading, supplies and coins for advancing, citizens to run things, happiness so they do a good job… so-on and so-forth. Everything comes back to, do I have enough resources and goods to do the thing? Some will just haphazardly stumble through each era, somehow having enough items to get through. Others like to meticulously plan out everything so they do so in the most efficient way possible. The majority of us are somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

When it comes to moving through the eras, you’ll need goods for the tech tree, but also resources. Resources in this case being coins, supplies, and forge points. The amount you need will vary from era to era, getting tougher as you move ahead and advance in age. You’re going to want to make sure that you have a strong supply base for each thing you need, or else you might get stuck. Things to look at would be core GBs that will help maintain resource levels like LoA, SMB, and Cape, but also special buildings like Terrace Farms to supplement things that way, too. Keeping your city running as efficiently as possible by not wasting space will be key, too, to good balance and being able to keep a steady pace as you work through the tech tree. Remember, there’s no harm in pausing in the tech tree to better set yourself up for moving forward because nothing is more frustrating than being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but not reach it because you’ve run low on something.

To help you plan your next move, please feel free to reference the following table on how many coins, supplies, and FPs you’ll need for each era. This also details how many techs are in each era. You’ll notice OF is like the era that never ends… good luck. 🙂 And as we all know, the best techs are always at the end. Please be advised, these totals are for completing every tech in an era, including the dead-ends. So if you chose to hold back on completing a dead-end tech to save for a quest later on, the era itself won’t cost you quite as much right at first.

Table is current to: Space Age: Asteroid Belt

of Techs
Bronze Age2,3002,30012722
Iron Age8,05013,10025619
Early Middle Ages36,50062,75050521
High Middle Ages53,500194,00073320
Late Middle Ages155,000427,5001,07221
Colonial Age115,337421,8701,00020
Industrial Era303,0001,495,0001,14019
Progressive Era514,1112,026,1111,43022
Modern Era1,251,0003,410,0001,44018
Post-Modern Era5,030,0007,120,0001,68021
Contemporary Era10,025,91412,351,1471,53018
Tomorrow Era16,220,10020,011,1001,62018
The Future21,176,10029,181,2001,88720
Arctic Future60,421,12560,508,1384,05431
Oceanic Future134,800,000127,400,0009,66656
Virtual Future233,700,000262,000,0006,77427
Space Age: Mars250,000,000180,000,0008,44524
Space Age: Asteroid Belt365,000,000355,000,00011,29525