When a guild decides to GvG, they usually decide to either dabble and just play around a bit but not hold land, or they get involved and really work the maps hard. There’s not much in-between. When a guild is just dabbling, full team support isn’t really necessary; but for a guild that wants to be active on the maps, it means the guild needs team players. For some, this can be very intimidating because GvG can be confusing (but there is a helpful wiki for the basics), and many figure that there’s no way they can help because they don’t fight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Active GvG requires teamwork, and this teamwork can be done regardless of play style and platform. One of the biggest myths in fact is that you cannot be on a GvG team if you are mobile-only. There are things you can do, if you’re willing to put in the effort, to assist with GvG. There are some who even manage to get their mobile devices to behave like the PC version of the game, to maximize their GvG abilities, but that’s for those who understand mobile enough to do that.

Regardless of all that, here is how you can help with GvG in general. You just need to decide what works best for you, based on your own circumstances. Please note that there will be two symbols used next to each method, to denote what platform it works on:



Just a reminder though, just because Inno doesn’t support GvG on mobile doesn’t mean you cannot access it on mobile. There are work-arounds. For simplicity, this article will not discuss the work-arounds.



When most think of GvG, they think about being a fighter. In fact, it’s safe to say that the most visible part of GvG is the fighting. However, being on to help fight for sectors is only a small part of it. Fighters will generally need to be good with troop management, and if they cannot strategise, then be good at following the lead of someone who can. You’ll want to know how to read the maps, and have an idea about how sieging works. If you’re in an active GvG guild, there will be those who can teach you how to fine-tune your fighting abilities.

  Farming Goods

You need goods to fight in GvG, and sometimes this means bringing in more than the treasury GBs are currently putting into the pot. If you enjoy trading, or just seem to be a master of goods, then this might not be a bad option. Especially if you don’t like to fight at all, or if you’re stuck on just mobile access, this is a way to help your team. Goods farmers aren’t typically as noticed as fighters because what they do is more behind-the-scenes, so some guilds will set up a thread to notate when you’re making donations to the treasury to help bring the efforts to see the light of day. Sure, the game keeps track of treasury donations (and expenses), but all the GB collections get logged there too and no one really looks at it, so a specific thread for noting the donations is helpful. Just like with fighting, someone usually takes the lead to announce if there’s an era of goods that need boosting to help guide what goods you should be targeting, if any.

  Farming Troops

When fighters take land, that land often needs to be defended. Most fighters don’t want to give up their precious troops to defenses, and so those who don’t fight but have spares from GE or who are just plain farming troops for DAs can go in and provide the defense for the sectors. Like a fighter, you’ll want to be good with troop management, but unlike a fighter you don’t have to know too much else. Be able to read the map sectors, and then just wait to be told where to plunk troops. It’s a pretty simple task.

  Map Checks

Checking the map is important if you want to hold land. It’s easier to defend a sector than to regain a sector, and map checks are the only way to make sure no one is trying to steal your sector. These don’t take long at all, and your fighters and farmers will thank you for helping preserve sectors.

   Supporting GBs

Depending on if you’re fighting or farming, there are GBs that you’ll probably rely on in order to make your job more efficient. It’s good to work on GBs that will help your play style and also GvG, which can be done with leveling groups, direct swaps, and/or general swaps; among other things. Sometimes you might not need to do any of this yourself, but you can help another mate raise their GB for cheaper, or get BPs for cheaper, by donating a few FPs to a mates GB.

There’s no one right way to GvG, and there’s no one right play style to join in with GvG. You can take part in as many of these methods as you want to help your team out. The sky’s the limit. It’s safe to say though, that GvG is a balance, and therefore no one way of helping is more important than another. It’s like yin and yang, you cannot have one without the other. So no matter how you choose to support your team’s efforts, know that your support matters regardless.