Before the advent of the Friend’s Tavern, there wasn’t as big a push to get people, and keep people, on your friend’s list. Back then, you really only did it because you might need some help with Great Buildings or you were buying goods; maybe some diplomatic relations. None of these things tended to push the 80 invite/140 total friends limits that Inno has set forth in the game like the Tavern.

A major dilemma that is often faced by players now is needing to get another friend on their list, but they’re already over 80 friends so they can’t invite anymore, and the person they want to add might be in a similar situation. It’s even worse if one or both are at the 140 maximum, yikes.

So the big question is, how do you weed out the friends from the “friends”? The ones who are actually helpful, versus the ones who just accept your help?

If you’re a mobile user, the only way is to manually keep track from your event history. Unlike PC, your mobile event history also only shows about ten hours worth of activity in one go. So while you can aid from that event history, you’ll be all over the place, and you’re at a greater risk of missing someone possibly. It can be done, but not easily. Some also try to at least weed out those who are inactive by creating a thread and asking everyone who is active to leave it within a certain amount of time. Once time is up, they delete anyone off their friends list who didn’t do as requested in the thread. With the tavern, on mobile, you also have to track it manually every time you empty. Again, not the easiest of things, but it is doable. There are some things that are easier to do on mobile, but tracking who is a friend and not a “friend” isn’t one of them.

PC users have an advantage here, because they can actually enable the ability to filter their event history, giving them a way to sort out who is doing what. Not only that, but the event history on PC goes back about six days. So as long as someone is aiding you twice a week, they will always show up. By the time they no longer are showing up, you know almost a week has lapsed since they interacted with you. That’s a pretty good indication it might be time to give ’em the boot! In addition, they can search for activity from specific friends, so they can also look to see if the friend who isn’t aiding also isn’t visiting the tavern.

You don’t automatically see the sorting functions in your event history though. To get the ability to filter and sort, you must first open that event history (accessed at the town hall), and then in the upper-left corner you’ll see a blue box with three lines in it. Clicking on that box will open a menu with only one option. It will either say “Show Filter Options” or “Hide Filter Options”, depending on if you have the options visible or not. Assuming you don’t, you need to click on “Show Filter Options”. Once you click on this, you will see a new bar with some options and a search function pop up over the listing of the event history.


There are several different options you can work with from these menus. The left-hand one filters which players you want to view: All Players, Friends, Neighborhood, Guild. It’s the other side we’re more interested in though, the right-hand menu. This is where we can look at specific events.




  • Social Interactions will show you who has aided you.
  • Battle Events will show you who has attacked you (and if they were successful).
  • Guild Events shows things happening with the guild.
  • Friend Events shows things happening with your friends.
  • Trade Events shows who took what trades you had posted.
  • Great Building Events shows things happening with GBs you’re involved with, and any new ones started by guild mates.
  • Achievements shows anything you’ve achieved recently based on Inno’s little profile badges.

The easiest way to do this is to select Social Interactions, and then aid from this window. If you’re the kind of person that aids before they raid (attack/plunder) in your hood, then leaving it on “All Players” isn’t a bad idea. That way you only aid those who aided you first. If you attack all without discrimination in your hood, well, then you will want to filter that a bit more.

Once filtered to your desired set of players, begin your aiding. Go through each page, making sure you miss no one. Eventually you’ll have pages with one or more aid buttons already disabled, because you cannot aid the same person twice in a day, and they may have aided you daily. So even though it might say that you have 40 pages to go through, by the time you hit the seventh or eighth page you’ll only be seeing four or five maybe to aid per page.

After you do your aids, close the event history and look at your friends list. Anyone who still has the orange “aid” button has not aided you in the past six days. Consider them for deletion. Some are ruthless, and delete automatically at this point. Others will note the name of the player, open event history again, and search that name or names. Then, if they also don’t see any of the names they search as having sat in their tavern in the last six days, they’ll turf them as a friend for sure. After all, these folks aren’t friends, they’re “friends”.

In this way it’s relatively simple to weed out the players that you’re helping, but aren’t helping you back. With space on your friends list at an all-time premium, you don’t want to waste it on dead weight, so toss ’em for more helpful folks.

Should you find that you have very helpful friends and cannot get your list down under 80 in order to add someone that you really need to have (like a goods dealer), the best method is to message all the youngest friends on your list that you need to remove them, but they’re free to re-add you and you’ll accept. Typically, lower-age players don’t have the same issue with a bogged-down friends list that a higher-age player has after all. They probably still have less than 80 and can add you back, giving you the ability to get that much-needed player on your friends list.