At some point every player will either join a guild, or create a guild. Depending on the activity level of a guild you’re likely to see a multitude of different threads. The more active the guild, the more guild threads you’re likely to see. Some of these threads your guild leadership will deem “mandatory”, and they often do that by some specific symbol in the title of the thread that makes them standout from the rest. These threads are the ones they consider to be part of the guild requirements, that you must remain in. Other threads tend to be optional, and so if you don’t use them and want to de-clutter, you can leave them. Which threads are and are not mandatory will be determined on a guild-by-guild basis, so this will simply focus on the kinds of threads you’re likely to see, and the general way they function. Since it’s only a general way though, make sure to check-in with your guild leadership to see how they, specifically, might want some more specialized threads to work.

These threads are in no specific order. If you think there’s a thread that should be mentioned here and isn’t, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Swap Threads

There likely isn’t a player out there who hasn’t encountered the general swap threads. They’ll always denote a FP amount, and that is the amount of FPs you’re placing on the GB posted before one of your own. Then the next person to come in will put that amount of FPs on your GB, before listing theirs. It’s a never-ending cycle. Some of the threads could specify which type of GB can be listed (ie: treasury GBs only, attack GBs only, etc), that will again be mentioned in the title. Common titles to see might be “20 FP Swap” or “Continues 20 FP Swap”, etc. The benefit of these threads is simply getting FPs on your GBs. It’s an even swap (you give 20, you get 20), and earning rewards off the GB aren’t promised.

Lock Threads

Usually you won’t see these until you start having Arcs that have hit level 60+ in your guild. They’re threads where you can request a lock on your GB at a certain rate. They will be denoted as “1.8 Lock GB” or “GB Locks 1.85”, etc. The number (ie 1.8) is how much the player taking the lock request will put on your GB for the reward slot. So if the reward slot you want locked is first, and it has a base reward of 100 FPs, in a 1.8 thread it will be locked for 180 FPs. That means you as the GB owner have to make it safe to do so first though. Safe means once the FPs are put in by a player to lock the spot, no one can pass them. The rate of the thread(s) will vary by guild. For specifics on the math to receive these locks, or to know who qualifies for using the threads (every guild has their own rules surrounding this), definitely speak to your guild leadership.

General Chatter

Some guilds like to keep the main chat (the one you cannot delete what-so-ever) for announcements only, and will set up a separate thread just for chatting among your fellow guild mates.

Guild Announcements

For a guild that doesn’t keep general chatter out of the main chat, then a guild may have a thread dedicated just to announcements from the leadership team.

GvG Threads

If your guild participates in GvG, you will likely find one or more threads related to strategy planning, map watching, and defense army placement. This will completely depend on how your guild participates in GvG, and the way they run them will also be dependent on how they plan, so you’ll need to check in with guild leadership if you see any of these.

GE Thread

A lot of guilds have a thread dedicated just to GE stuff. Whether this is to help with battles/negotiations, encourage other mates to participate more, give updates on requirements due to tough opponents, etc.; it will all depend on the guild itself.

Treasury Thread

Keeping a well-stocked guild treasury is important, which is why most guilds encourage players to have either Observatory, Atomium, or Arc; but GBs only account for goods of your current era. Therefore most guilds have a thread where you can list what you’re donating to the treasury outside of a GB, because seeing others donating often reminds people to make donations. Whether or not the donations are mandatory is up to the guild leadership. In some guilds it’s a requirement, in some guilds it’s not.

Sticks to Bricks

In some fashion, be it individual threads that each member makes when they plant a GB, or one thread en-masse for all planted GBs, or something totally different; guilds usually have a way to help raise new GBs up out of the mud to be productive parts of a city. The number of FPs each member is required to donate to a new GB will vary from guild-to-guild, so be sure to check with your leadership to know what your requirement is.

GB Donations

Sometimes guilds will denote certain GBs as being helpful to the overall growth of the guild, and target specific GBs of certain mates to receive regular donations. This is typically done for treasury GBs, but if a guild has a strong focus on attack then they might help out GBs related to that, or if they need to boost the goods that come in outside of treasury GBs, they might target goods-creating GBs. It’s really very subjective. The number of required FPs to give will also be based off what leadership thinks is appropriate. Usually they’re going to ask you give a portion of what you receive from your town hall just for being part of the guild.

Blueprint Opportunities

This is a thread where mates can post a GB that is getting close to leveling and has reward spots open that give BPs. They’re free game, and the market for BPs will determine what another mate is willing to pay for the spots you’re offering. If you do have lock threads in house, you shouldn’t expect that any mate is going to be willing to pay more than someone would taking it from a lock thread. To lock a BP spot, make sure you put in half the remaining FPs at least (so no one can pass you). If you don’t lock your spot, you’re liable to lose it.

Trade Requests

The general trade marketplace can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of mates working to trade goods around to stuff the guild treasury full. This particular thread helps bypass all that, and gives players who urgently need certain goods a place to post those trades, and thus have them seen quicker. It is not a place (usually) to post trades that you want to balance your goods, or get goods to put in the treasury. Spamming this thread with trades makes it harder for those who need something specific for GE, or tech research, etc. to be seen.

Vacations Thread

This is typically a thread where you can just let your guild know if you’ll be away from the game for a short period of time. Specifics aren’t needed (privacy is important), but it’s always good to make leadership aware in some way that you won’t be available to meet specific requirements. Some guilds are okay with short absences, some aren’t. This thread will be the main hub for that though.


Strategy is important for GBG, and so a thread dedicated to that is likely to be part of your guild if you’re a team that participates seriously in it. This will be the main hub for coordination on which sectors to take, discussion perhaps on what buildings to erect, etc.


If you’re part of the guild leadership or management in anyway, you’re likely to find yourself added to this thread. This is a private place to discuss things that help the guild run in the background. It can be a sounding board to deal with members who might be causing too much friction, who to award a Player of the Week reward to, which GB to feature for donations, etc. Again, this totally depends on the guild requirements and will be very personalized.