Power leveling a Great Building is no small feat, and before you start any power leveling, be sure you’re ready for it. It’s going to take a lot of time, dedication, and FPs to make this happen, and the preparation will be key so that you don’t have to spend diamonds to do it.

Now, you can power level any GB, and you’ll do it roughly the same way each time (though the exact math will change), and you can pick any GB you want to be the first one you power level. Typically though, a player goes for Arc first when power leveling because of what Arc does. If you’re unfamiliar, Arc is a Future Era GB that donates a lot of goods to your guild’s treasury, and it will multiply the rewards you receive back from donating to GBs. This is big, because it means if you power level Arc first, then when you power level any other GB you will get a huge surplus of BPs as you hunt, which are the most lucrative item in the power leveling scheme.

Getting BPs is going to be the hardest, so it’s best to have an idea for what your return-on-investment (ROI) will be as you work to get them. You’re going to take a loss, but the question is, how much of a loss are you taking? This is an effort done with calculated risks, and if you don’t keep a decent ROI, you’re going to spend a whole lot for a pittance. If you’ve already done Arc, then this is a bit easier, but regardless you want to know how much you’re actually spending per BP, so that you don’t take a loss too often to get what you need.

Remember, this is one of many ways to go about this, but this method is one that ensures a steady pace without taking you away from also helping guild mates get new GBs up out of the stix, and similar things.

To start with, you need to get your GB to level 10. This is the base level before you can begin the speedier part of the prep work. So in phase one of prepping for power leveling, you’ve got to push your GB to 10. It’s recommended that you do this by getting into a group with other guild mates who are also below level 10, and doing a daily swap where you alternate who gets first place. This way everyone is earning BPs, and everyone is working towards level 10.

A swap might look like this:

You have Persons A, B, C, D, E, & F
A gets first on B
B gets first on C
C gets first on D
D gets first on E
E gets first on F
F gets first on A

You can do the same for the other reward slots as well, the level of complexity is up to your group. Once you get the placement sorted, you start with everyone placing FPs at a set amount a day (determined by the group) into Person A, and during that time Person A starts in on Person B (thus easily getting first). When Person A levels, everyone moves on to Person B, and Person B moves on to Person C; so on and so forth. Alternatively, instead of Person A (et all) donating to the GB ahead of theirs, they can self-invest to make their own GB move faster (and cost less to their mates).

Once you make it to level 10, now is where you need a group-shift, as you move on to phase two!

You’ll want a group of three mates, ideally. This is because as you move the GB higher and higher in level, they become more and more lucrative to snipers. Snipers are folks that come in and steal top spots when they’re lockable, often at a great loss to you (and extreme profit to them) when they’re not in your guild or alliance. Too many members in your group, plus snipers, means someone is going to get knocked out of their rewards. So three mates, ideally. You will rotate who gets the top reward slot, and the next reward slot down, for each GB. Just like above, but with only Persons A, B, & C.

Once you have your group formed, you have to decide if you want to ask a Power Arc to help you. Having a Power Arc means that they will always take first place on the GBs in the group, to speed things up. Remember, this is not about the FP returns, but instead the BPs. It’s typically only a loss of 1 BP, so it’s worth it for how much speed you gain. In addition to the time it will save having a Power Arc that’s willing to help, it’s also a savings of FPs spent to do the prep work. It varies depending on the GB you’re working on, but on average each participant will save 10%-20% in FPs on this part of the leveling, than if it were done without the help of a Power Arc. It’s going to be an option if a Power Arc will help, though, because they will not be safe from you. So whatever you do, if a Power Arc is helping, do not pass the Power Arc. It’s a surefire way to upset them, and ruin your relationship.

Remember also, to help prevent sniping (or pre-leveling), it’s best to not unlock extra levels until your group is ready to put FPs into it. This will be mandatory when you start power leveling, so best to get used to it now.

Unlike the push to get to level 10, where it’s your option if you self level (donate FPs to your own GB), you really need to self level beyond level 10 to make it where it can be easily locked. So everyone will work on the same GB, until they’ve met their donation requirement, and then move on to the next GB in line.

Another choice to make with this part of the leveling is how many FPs per day. There are two routes to this.

Route A has you donating as many as you can, without using packs (very important), until you meet your donation requirement. Once you meet it, if you’re waiting for the others to catch up, you can work on another GB. The positive side of this is you’re far more focused on one goal. The downside is that it can get lopsided very quickly if FP incomes aren’t similar among all members of the group.

Route B has you donating at a set amount per day, until you meet your donation requirement. Again, without using packs. Same as Route A, once you meet it you can work on something else until everyone is set. The positive side of this one is you’re less likely to see the GB get sniped, because everyone is relatively even going up. However, on the downside, it’s usually a slower pace and you’re not as focused.

The reason to not use packs, if you can help it, is because by only using dailies you will convert them to packs when you get your rewards. This will store up FP packs for when you’re into the faster levels, or the speed run if you will, where you will need those packs to really push your GB along. This is especially true for Arc, which is why Arc gets its own special series in this whole mess for knowing if you’re ready, meet requirements, how to prep (will sound similar to this), and the speed run.

In addition, you have to choose a lock order. You can either always lock the same spot on a particular GB, or you can rotate who gets top and who doesn’t. So it’d look like this:

There will be Person A, Person B, and Person C; noted as A, B, C for simplicity.

A’s GB: B gets top, C gets the next down, always
B’s GB: C gets top, A gets the next down, always
C’s GB: A gets top, B gets the next down, always
A’s GB: B gets top, C gets the next down; then next time C gets top, B gets the next down; alternate always
B’s GB: C gets top, A gets the next down; then next time A gets top, C gets the next down; alternate always
C’s GB: A gets top, B gets the next down; then next time B gets top, A gets the next down; alternate always

Once the whole group has finished and met their donation amounts, and the Power Arc (if used) has deposited to lock first, it’s time to farm it out to the guild (or otherwise) for the remaining positions. In some cases, the GB owner may need to donate a bit extra to make these spots viable, but for the most part they should already be fairly cheap. That will really depend on the demand for those particular BPs though.

Phase three of this plan is where your ROI comes into play. As mentioned before, BPs are the most lucrative item in power leveling, and you’re going to need a lot of them. Your group is going to provide a lot, but remember you need a full set for each additional level, and if you don’t want to buy them with diamonds (or waste BPs trading to get them), then you need to be proactive at looking for opportunities to get even more BPs outside your group. This means hunting them down, and trying not to lose your shirt in FPs doing it. If you already have a Power Arc, then this should be much easier. If this is for Arc, or you’re doing a different GB before Arc, you’ve gotta be on top of your game like no one’s business. Often, a cheap fourth or fifth place is a great way to get BPs if you don’t have Power Arc yet. If you do have Power Arc, then sniping for them is an option, as well as doing locks for mates and friends working on the GB you’re targeting. So long as you’re careful, this is another place those FP packs come in very handy. Just have to be mindful of your ROI, don’t spend too much per BP. You’re likely to take a loss on FPs as you work on BPs on occasion, but so long as you’re not going FP bankrupt to do it, you’ll be fine.

So that’s it! That’s the secret to prep! Or at least, the group formation. For the actual tables for prepwork you’ll need to reference each individual GB’s chart.

Once you’ve prepped a GB, the next step is the actual speed run.

The speed run usually starts when it gets lucrative to have a Power Arc lock the first three reward spots on a GB, and sometimes the fourth one as well. Once you enter this stage, you’re not going to return to a small group for leveling the GB again. This is it, this is what you’ve been preparing for! From here forward you will need to self-donate a certain amount to make the spots safe, and then you’ll offer it up to Power Arcs.

In general, you want to start thinking about switching from the prep phase to the speed run when it becomes cheaper and faster to do the speed than it does the prep. This is often close to when the fast levels of the speed run are, fast levels being the ones where a clean lock can be achieved (no self donation required for a Power Arc to snag the spots). Every GB is different in where this occurs, but on all of them by level 30 you’re ready to make the switch. Some will happen faster than that, but it’s not recommended for it to happen later.

The best part of using those Power Arcs for the speed run, and why you should? If you thought it was FP-cost effective for the prep, here in the speed run you’re going to save on average 60%-70% of the cost of leveling, than if you tried to do a small group or used the general swaps! So in addition to being faster time wise, it’s less FP expensive to you. It’s a win-win situation!

For both the prep and the speed run, but especially the prep, you’ll want to reference a chart to know what to expect or to donate. Each GB listed below has its own article just to house these charts. Arc is the only special one that goes more in-depth, because it should be the first GB you do this for, and that process was formed first (and honestly deserves it). If there is anything special for a particular GB beyond Arc, it will be housed in the single article with these charts. All the charts will be with a Power Arc locking at a 1.9 rate, or typical non-profit for a level 80 Arc, because the guilds to which the authors of this site belong to do not believe in profiting off your mates (that is what those outside your guild and/or alliance are for).

Please note that the images are clickable, outside of Arc. Linked images will be added as charts become available.

Arc Push Requirements

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