Events are a common occurrence in Forge of Empires, and the prizes are often super juicy and not something you want to miss out on. The basic reward is one that you should be able to achieve without paying any diamonds so long as you are diligent, manage your event currency wisely, and complete the event questline.

For the purpose of this article we will not be discussing anything aside from completing the questline, because this is usually the part that will cause the most issues. After all if you can’t complete the questline and get the rewards it offers (both event currency and many times parts of the event building you’re working towards), then nothing else matters. Questlines are also the only common thing from one event to another, as the event mechanics themselves may differ from event to event.

To start with the event questline is usually broken up into two sections: The Main Story and then Daily Quests. Everyone has to complete the main story before they can get to the daily quests part of the event, so by the time you hit the daily quests you’ll probably have at least a few days worth built up. This is okay. The main story quests are available all at once, so you can go through as many as you’re able as fast as you’re able. The daily quests are released one day at a time so once you catch up you’ll have to wait until the clock resets at midnight server time to get the next day’s quest for the event. You’ll see a timer when this is the case telling you how long you must wait. Regardless of this the following tips will all hold true.

  1. Plan ahead. The FOE Wiki always releases quest details based on what happened on the Beta Server (everything is tested there before final release), including the quests for the event questline itself. If you know that the next daily quest is going to require twelve 8hr productions then set those up the night before and collect in the morning, for example.
  2. Try to time things to coordinate with your standard daily actions if possible. So this would mean getting yourself in position to do your daily aiding when the motivate or polish some number of buildings pops up, or not visiting taverns until you reach that quest.
  3. Blacksmith Farms are a great way to complete a lot of productions. A Blacksmith Farm is created using spare space in your city to put down trails and the Iron Age Blacksmith (because it’s a 2×2 building that goes up in under an hour) to hammer out non-age-specific productions. Need a bajillion 5min productions? Here’s what you use to do it. Sucks up space in your city (temporarily), but it really helps to deal with the massive number of productions you might need.
    1. Note: Only special productions and supply productions count for these. If there are not six production options for 5min, 15min, 1hr, 4hr, 8hr, and 1 day; then it cannot be used to complete these quests.
  4. If necessary, use a mass production rush item to complete things. Unless they say “all” though (or similar language), then you need one item for each production you want to speed up. This can be a good option though if it’s crunch time and you need to make up for Aunt Hilda’s birthday party getting a little too wild and going until 3am though, when you were expecting to be home by 8pm.
  5. If you have to complete productions in a building of your era or the era before, this is when it’s handy to have a special production building that is your era, or a cider mill (not upgraded) or a confectionery to work with (again that are of the correct era). Just run 5min productions until you complete the quest.
  6. You can gain population by deleting a military barrack (or a goods building or something, anything that costs population really; military barracks just tend to cost the most population). Don’t have one to delete, or need to keep the ones you have? Build one special and then remove it. It doesn’t have to be connected to the road and it doesn’t have to actually build, it just has to take the population away and then give it back.
  7. Similarly when it comes to happiness, just plant whatever builds the fastest (usually decorations) and delete it. It will keep adding up.
  8. If you need to build a certain number of decorations and it doesn’t specify an age, build trees. It’s the cheapest option (found under decorations). If it is age specific, you can use items from your inventory that you got from Guild Expedition if you want (just don’t use the premium buildings that would typically cost diamonds because they sell for gems in the Antique Dealer) or work from the build menu. In this case they don’t have to complete, you just have to place them (and then sell them).
  9. And again for gathering supplies/coins you can build useless buildings in your inventory that you won in Guild Expedition, and then sell them to make stuff back (again just not premium/special buildings because they have no resale value). Alternatively if you have recurring quests then you can use the Unbirthday quest to get what you need.
  10. When it comes to gathering goods you can do circular trades (provided you’re in an active guild). These work as follows: If for example you need to gather 150 goods, you would first divide that by 2 (75), and then make two trades that are trading 75 of Good A for 75 of Good B, and 75 of Good B for 75 of Good A. In this manner it’s just swapping goods to end up where you were, but the game sees it as you gathering 150 goods. It’s really good if you can snag a circle trade when you’re at that quest yourself because then you don’t have to set one up.
  11. If the questline asks you to pay goods to continue, always pick the goods that are easier to reacquire, not the goods that are the least amount. Generally speaking I personally find it easier to gather goods of my age than of the previous age, so even if they want twice as many goods from my age as previous I’ll pick that option because I can gain them back faster. Remember too that giving goods away here will help your personal ranking score so it’s not a total loss (but it still sucks for a quest to have to give away a precious resource).
  12. Arc, Observatory, and Atomium do not count towards any quests asking for you to donate goods to the treasury because it’s usually age-specific (and GB productions just don’t count in general). On the other hand age-specific treasury donation buildings like the Statue of Honor do count towards this! So try to time those collections, otherwise you’ll have to donate [more] goods to the treasury yourself (which is not a bad thing, but if you’re low on goods it can be a struggle).
  13. If a quest condition calls for the completion of something (like first level of GE, making people enthusiastic, etc.) OR something else and those are the only two conditions (condition A or condition B) for which you must meet one of to complete the quest, it will auto-complete if you already meet one of them. So for example if the quest is “Make your population enthusiastic OR gather 1,000,000 supplies”, it will auto-complete so long as you have an enthusiastic population. Making note of whether it’s an AND or an OR quest can save you a lot of headache. OR means one or the other, AND means both.
  14. You can gather troops of your age from Guild Expedition for sure in tiers 1-3 from the chests before the big platforms. If you do not have an Alcatraz (or similar) producing troops of current era then this might be necessary to time for the quests.
    1. Note that Rogues, Colour Guards, and Drummers do not count for the troop collection because they are not age specific troops.
  15. Do not be afraid to head-hunt in your neighborhood to complete the quests calling for defeating units or having so many successful battles if Expedition or Battlegrounds (or even GvG or continent map work) are not available. Attacking someone does not leave their defending army permanently damaged or dead, and so long as you don’t plunder it means you haven’t harmed them. Just be warned that they may hit back, so if you’re concerned on that send them a message first to just let them know what you’re doing. It might not make a difference, but it cannot hurt to try.
  16. If you need to scout territory you can send the scout out at any time to prepare (because eventually they seem to get lost frequently and take over 24hrs to get to their destination the next town over), and then just don’t revisit the continent map until you need to complete that quest. It will not register that you’ve scouted an area until you return and see that the new area is open.
  17. When it asks for you to sell things to the Antique Dealer it will count it when you collect your coins and any potential gems from the completed sale of items, not when you place them for auction. If you can plan ahead far enough, sell good things over a day. Like the c-map, you can sell things and then just hold off collecting to complete this quest if you want to plan that far ahead. If you’re on the time crunch, then pick useless items that do not give gems back and sell them over the course of 2hrs.
  18. You can tell how far along you are based on the event questline tracker. If it says you’ve completed 40/62 quests for example, then that means you’re on quest #41. You’re always on the quest number that directly succeeds the number it says you have completed.

That oughta do it. Lots of information there, but hopefully you find it helpful. Have a tip that isn’t included here? Leave a comment down below and if it seems to be universal or easy to do from any era I will add it to the list. This list may also be updated from time to time as new forms of quests/game functions are released and it is necessary to do so.